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Welcome to my page ..

My name is Ross Lewis, I love Fishing, Shooting, Playing Bass Guitar and Amateur Radio. I also just about have enough time to work as a sales professional.


I have gone fishing since around the age of 10 with my Dad and Brother. Soon to follow with my school mates and grown up (kind of) fishing buddies. My favourite species are Pike and Trout followed closely by Carp. However there is something I find special about Perch and Gudgeon.


I discovered target shooting in recent years and enjoy it very much. However, I can usually not hit a barn door.. I started out with .177 and .22 pellet rifles and Pistols, progressing to rimfire, centrefire and black powder over time. I am a member of Stourport on Severn Pistol and rifle Club and enjoy the friendly and competitive environment very much.

Amateur Radio

I developed an interest in Amateur Radio a few years ago and currently hold an Intermediate Licence. I hope to get my Full Licence later in 2020. Callsign is 2E0RLX.


I have enjoyed photography since my time at school in the 1970’s. Having made the transitions from film to digital I still find myself returning to film and getting another reel of 36 exposures processed … My current camera is a Fuji X-A10 with a variety of lenses ranging from 16mm to 230mm which seems to cover most areas apart from air shows…

Bass Guitar

I discovered the joy of playing a musical instrument in my 40’s and absolutely recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered about it. I love playing Bass Guitar, even though I am not very good. My current instruments include 4 and 6 string fretted and fretless Bass.


I tried mountain boarding last year and want to do more. I spent more time on my back but with practice I will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of a decent hill without injury… Though I really doubt it .. I used to love skateboarding so I guess this is a bit of a flash from the past for me ..